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Shop Online for your Partner this Valentine’s

Going to the market and wandering in the shops for hours to buy a gift for valentine’s is totally old. Experience some new stuff this Valentine’s Day. You have the facility of internet so sit back at home and browse through various online marketing places such as Kaymu, to buy a perfect gift for your sweetheart. Don’t overthink much if ... Read More »

E-commerce in Myanmar seems to boost economy

ecommerce in myanmar

E-commerce is creating a huge impact in Asian developing countries which are in growing phase of e-commerce, Myanmar is no more different. 21st century has changed everything in this world. Rapid change in lifestyle, technology, fashion, film industry, music, entertainment, sports, fun and eating food, is due to the role of e-commerce in market. Recent trends have shown that people ... Read More »

Malaysia seeks new business opportunities in Myanmar

business in myanmar

Malaysia companies are seeking new business opportunities in Myanmar that the fall in export figures dented oil prices and the national economy was hit by a slowdown in Chinese growth. The price of crude oil and palm oil has fallen dramatically in the last year, the export value of hurting, said Wan Latiff Wan Musa, director of the Foreign Trade ... Read More »

Myanmar opened to the fight for the point of care overall

myanmar business

After giving the Myanmar military to civilian rule in 2010, foreign investors rushed to establish factories and raze old neighborhoods to build luxury developments. Five years later, the country has only a precarious foothold in the global economy. The government has eased restrictions on the media and political dissent. Many people have access to the Internet and mobile phones before. ... Read More »

Knowing about Myanmar exports

myanmar exports

Overall Myanmar remains an economy based on exports. The government has a structure in place that commercial enterprises have export before you can import, allowing Myanmar to establish a positive trade deficit. While other industries have the potential to become big export revenues, currently the largest generator of foreign Social Bookmarking Read More »

Myanmar jade traders say worst year and “No” to sales

myanmar jade

Myanmar jade traders in Mandalay say this could be the worst year ever for business. The main reason for mentioning the absence of Chinese buyers, perhaps nervous about the outcome of the elections next month. In interviews and October 25 in Maha Aung Myay Jade Trade Center, one after another trader lamented the current fate. And jade dealer said U ... Read More »


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