Thursday , February 23 2017

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Agriculture Training For Farmers In Northern Myanmar

myanmar agriculture

Myanmar Agriculture education will be provided to village farmers in Magway Township, according to government officials. Education programs educate farmers to farm procedure, such as the correct use of fertilizers, and also ensure the food safety and safety training by firefighters from the Department of Consumer Protection and the Department of Corps of Firefighters. Read Also: Myanmar handicraft makers are required ... Read More »

Myanmar handicraft makers are required to increase the creative industry on intellectual property rights law

myanmar handicrafts

Myanmar Handicraft entrepreneur urged the government to speed up the adoption of legislation in the field of intellectual property protection for artists, musicians, craftsmen’s innovation. Intellectual property rights, including in the business area of arts and crafts playing an important role in Myanmar, said Daw Ei Ei, Secretary of Myanmar arts and crafts association speak at a press conference in Yangon. ... Read More »

Rattan Crafts in Myanmar


Rattan also called cane comes from Malay phrase Rotan. There are several relative species in Australia and Africa, there are said that this type of plant is rich in Asian tropical regions. This plant is located at an altitude geographically climbing up to 3000 meters above sea level. Based on expert research, there are about 600 unlike species and 13 corresponding generas. ... Read More »

Dried Tea Exports To Thailand


Within January 21 to 27, Myanmar-Thailand border Tachilek trade center exports worth $35802, nearly 92 tons of dried tea. In early January it had shipped 39 tons. So, Tachilek to Thailand had exported more than 130 tons of dried tea. Mandalay, Mogoke township tea plantations has resulted in successful. Read Also: Government to Help Hotels Open Shops of Handicrafts “Some of ... Read More »

Government to Help Hotels Open Shops of Handicrafts


If they want to open a traditional handicraft shop at the hotel, the hotels and tourism Ministry will help the hotel, U Htay Aung, Hotel and Tourism Minister says. “Hotel owners can contact us at any time if they want to open a souvenir stores in Myanmar handicraft at the hotel. We will help them to open sales council craft ” he ... Read More »

Myanmar Discovers New World Export Markets


In July 1st week, Myanmar exports to the Americas, got $ 28 million, from the start of the current fiscal year in April, according to the Ministry of Commerce. “These eight countries are the countries in the Americas, we have exported. Among them, the majority of exports go to the United States, The United States, Canada, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, ... Read More »


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