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Sunday , November 18 2018
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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Knowing about Myanmar exports

myanmar exports

Overall Myanmar remains an economy based on exports. The government has a structure in place that commercial enterprises have export before you can import, allowing Myanmar to establish a positive trade deficit. While other industries have the potential to become big export revenues, currently the largest generator of foreign Social Bookmarking Read More »

Myanmar jade traders say worst year and “No” to sales

myanmar jade

Myanmar jade traders in Mandalay say this could be the worst year ever for business. The main reason for mentioning the absence of Chinese buyers, perhaps nervous about the outcome of the elections next month. In interviews and October 25 in Maha Aung Myay Jade Trade Center, one after another trader lamented the current fate. And jade dealer said U ... Read More »

US agricultural giant ramps up in Myanmar

myanmar agriculture

Despite the flood of investment that accompanies the liberalization of the economy of Myanmar, less than 1 percent was directed to the agricultural sector. US agribusiness giant DuPont believes this is due to the lack of a strong intellectual property legislation, the lack of infrastructure, lack of a viable system of crop insurance, and lack of application of science and ... Read More »

Myanmar Bamboo, rattan traders sought new markets

bamboo rattan in myanmar

Myanmar is seeking new markets for the export of bamboo, rattan, and other forest products to new markets, according to Myanmar Bamboo and Rattan Association. The association aims to export to New Zealand, Canada, Korea, South Africa, Argentina and Colombia, U Kyaw Thu, Chairman of the association, said. Social Bookmarking Read More »

Myanmar imports and exports below USD 865 million

myanmar imports and exports

Myanmar imports and exports trade has decreased 865 million dollars in the first ten months of 2015, according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Commerce. Total trade between January and October of this year amounted to about $ 13.8 million. Exports this year so far totaled $ 5.6 billion, dropped almost US $ 450 million six billion ... Read More »

EU aid aquaculture production to Myanmar, we will encourage the export

Myanmar fish

According to the European Union (EU) is the EU delegation of the press release on Saturday Myanmar, Myanmar, and to provide a training course from the EU as part of Myanmar trade development program, has boosted support the export of production and aquaculture. Social Bookmarking Read More »

Myanmar looking for arts and crafts market in Pakistani

myanmar arts and crafts shop

Myanmar is trying to market in Pakistan for domestic arts and crafts, as well as some foreign countries, a local weekly reported in this week’s issue. Myanmar made of brass and silver arts and crafts have been exported to China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, England and the United States. Social Bookmarking Read More »

Vietnamese enterprises to increase investment on Myanmar trade

vietnam myanmar trade

Vietnamese enterprises should strengthen their investment and trade in Myanmar, trade and investment have been able to maximize the potential of both countries, according to the deputy director of the branch in Ho Chi Minh City Chamber of Commerce and “Industry of Vietnam (VCCI). Myanmar is regarded as a promising market in the ASEAN Economic Community is formed later this ... Read More »

Myanmar expects to re-engage foreign investment

myanmar jewel

Large companies are distancing themselves from gem industry to escape from sanctions imposed by the United States. If you believe the official trade statistics, imports of precious stones, jade and other precious stones Myanmar to China jumped to $ 12.3bn last year, a tenfold increase of only $ 1.2 billion in 2013. Social Bookmarking Read More »

Myanmar Caneware industry

myanmar caneware

Myanmar is a developing country with a unique culture, national traditions and custom. Myanmar people love and appreciate the heritage of customs and traditions, and proud and satisfied to follow. Myanmar has a high civilization and great historical background, like many other nations, Myanmar is rich in cultural heritage. Social Bookmarking Read More »


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