Wednesday , August 15 2018

Agricultural exports have grown by $ 315 million

Agricultural exports have grown by $ 315 million

In the past fiscal year, Myanmar has gained more than 2.93 billion dollars due to the export of agricultural products, which ended at the end of March, which is 315 million USD more than a year ago, according to new government figures show. During the year, agriculture accounted for 25 percent of total export earnings. Beans and legumes top the list of products sold in other countries, with sales of $ 1.4 billion.

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According to the Ministry of Commerce, what was followed by rice, including broken rice, to 554 million dollars, maize – to 253 million dollars and rubber of $ 200 million. In the face of changing climate, lack of capacity and know-how for the production of value added products and reliance on external demand, Myanmar is making efforts to promote agricultural production, solving the problem of high transport costs, to keep up with other countries in the region.

Besides the agriculture industry, the natural resources, exports of fishery products and garment export and re-export sectors deserve special attention from the government to improve capacity and quality, the commerce ministry said.

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