Wednesday , September 26 2018

Embroidery in Myanmar

embroidery in myanmarEmbroidery, one of Myanmar arts and crafts mainly Mandalay and famous souvenirs. Myanmar involves a complex embroidery of woven colored son with work and sumptuous materials applied gold embellishment and semi-precious stones to produce an image.
It is believed that the art of tapestry Myanmar have their origins in the time of King Alaung-paya the 18th century At that time, it was very rough indeed and some historians believe that the best workforce was presented during the reign of his son when Thai prisoners of war were taken to the new capital of Ava.

The velvet panel is first backed with a fabric sheet of coarse cotton to strengthen, so it can support the weight of the ornaments without buckling in the heavier places. In this context, human figures or animals appliqued with metal flakes. Cotton stuffed under the appliqués s that the figures stood out. Final touches are carefully arranged color and mirror glass that have been cut or molded to look cabochon gemstones.
The embroidery is widely used as ornaments and tapestries, puppets, Myanmar traditional costumes for dance artists, royal robes to be used for special occasions such as Noviatiation ceremony. Now, hat and shoulder days tapestry bags designed specially for memory.

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