Wednesday , August 15 2018

Growing Rice exports to Africa

rice exports

About 60 percent of rice exports across the sea in the period from 2012 to 2016 exported to Africa and China markets ranks second, according to MAPCO, Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation. MAPCO has exported more than 86,000 tons of rice to African countries, more than 17,885 tons in China, more than 13,000 tons in Indonesia, more than 11,000 tons in Japan, more than 7000 tons in a different place, and more of 6,800 tonnes in the European Union.

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Exports to China this year have declined due to instability in border regions and to strengthen security controls. MAPCO has chosen instead of exporting rice by sea. Exports to the sea in the past fought for the policies of the previous government.

Myanmar exported around 60,000 tonnes per month to different African markets. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar exported about 600 thousand tons until mid-December, compared to less than 150,000 tons in the same period last year.

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