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High demand for chickpeas from China and India

High demand for chickpeas from China and India

Traders said the strong demand for chickpeas in China and India has led to higher prices for peas, pulses and legumes in Myanmar. Although this season peas and beans in abundance, prices continue to rise, said U Soe Win Myint of the sales center of brokers with the same namesake.

“Generally, prices are low at this time, as peas in abundance. However, the high demand of China and India markets this year led to a rise in prices, “- he said. Myanmar Chickpea is now in high demand are the white V2 and V7. Children’s white bag previously costs about 120,000 crowns, but now the price is gradually increasing. From March 17 price of a bag with chickpeas weighing 57.25 viss (about 93.5 kg) was sold at 128000 Kyats.

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U Soe Win Myint said that prices tend to keep growing. “The prices of these two types catapulted every day. This is the first time we are experiencing this trend.the demand has remained stable,” In previous years. U Soe Win Myint said internal problems and conflicts in Myanmar do not affect prices. “Prior to this, even traffic jams or other local problem in Mu-Se will result in lower prices.

“A few days ago in the museum and Laukkae conflicts between armed ethnic groups and tatmadovym, but prices continue to rise chickpeas. “The Chinese and the Indians are buying them. Prices continue to change every day. The price increase is good for farmers,” – said Wu Soe Win Myint. He added that there are other grains, the demand for domestic consumption, but only white chickpeas undergo sudden changes in prices.

“I think this year’s prices reached the highest level. Previously, only local Chinese bought peas. “This year we have a high demand from China and India. Chinese foreign citizens also come to buy chickpeas – their daily 10-15 people”, – he said.

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