Wednesday , August 15 2018

Lack of foreign and local investment in Myanmar agricultural sector

Domestic and international business from the large profits can quickly get back to work only a short number that is lower than in other sectors of its investment on agricultural fields, according to the Ministry of agriculture and Irrigation.

Myanmar as a strong agricultural markets spur domestic agriculture will increase local and foreign investors.
Agricultural infrastructure are not yet comprehensive enough farmers with the resources? Close low wall in the presence of plant cultivation methods used, Urban markets products from the field lack of transportation, Climate change could damage the crop there was no guarantee the implementation of systems such as investors from the agricultural sector to work in difficult conditions, according to the Myanmar Rice Federation.

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“Agricultural less domestic and foreign investment. Because there are a lot of risk than other industries. Increasing loss of investment and then do or die does not happen, there can’t happen, “said the General Secretary of the Myanmar Rice Federation to associate Dr. Soe Tun said

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