Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar Beans and Pulses

myanmar beansBeans and pulses sector has recently become big business in Myanmar. Myanmar is now the second largest exporter of beans and pulses in the world after Canada. More than 70% of exports to India beans, which are in great demand in the market that can not be met by domestic production. The rest of the bean exports go to Singapore, Pakistan and other countries. Beans and pulses market can be very volatile with market prices that rely on global production. Myanmar is currently facing competition from African countries that have seen their market share in recent years.

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Beans and pulses market usually works with futures, as traders Myanmar agrees to sell at a specified price on a specified date. The supply of grain and legumes series usually works like this: farmers to grow bean crops in the 1-2 year and selling prices of agricultural products to local merchants. These dealers collect grain from individual farms and then sold to large wholesalers stored in large warehouses. This large wholesalers are exported and then negotiate contracts with foreign buyers and export grain. It is based on almost all the major wholesale trader of grain in the country in the wholesale market Ba-Yint-Naung in Yangon. Foreign investors who are looking to enter this market relatively few options, and is currently owned locally for beans and legumes Myanmar business institutions.

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