Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar Caneware industry

Myanmar is a developing country with a unique culture, national traditions and custom. Myanmar people love and appreciate the heritage of customs and traditions, and proud and satisfied to follow. Myanmar has a high civilization and great historical background, like many other nations, Myanmar is rich in cultural heritage.
With the flourishing of Buddhism in Myanmar, their nation and way of life have been molded and shaped. Buddhism has penetrated all media and all aspects of cultural life. Crafts have flourished for many centuries of civilization Myanmar.

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Myanmar people to maintain their traditions and then arts and crafts have been handed down from the front to the younger generations.Today, many kinds of crafts and cottage industries are being implemented, and are somehow help develop the economy in their own way.

The craft industry is one of the best industries for foreign profits in the short term. Caneware industry in Myanmar is a cottage industry and handicrafts industry. Thanks to its properties, artistic and attractive designs, it is gaining more and more interest in the world market. To meet the demand of foreign markets, exporting firms are producing several caneware style and modern model. The product range caneware office, bathroom accessories, kitchenware, table, furniture and so on are exported. The value range of 15 cents to US $ 300 per piece.

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