Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar Discovers New World Export Markets

In July 1st week, Myanmar exports to the Americas, got $ 28 million, from the start of the current fiscal year in April, according to the Ministry of Commerce. “These eight countries are the countries in the Americas, we have exported. Among them, the majority of exports go to the United States, The United States, Canada, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador.” said U Win Myint, Director of the Ministry.

From exports of $ 28 million, exports to the region of Myanmar during the period, the United States amounted to $ 23 million, of which the most general charge was to follow the machinery, while agricultural products brought the proportion the lowest of exports.

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“In general, consumer goods generally export to these countries. Agricultural production was the lowest part of the total with only a K1.4 billion ($ 1.2 million) in value terms,” said U Win Myint.

Myanmar also imports a large number of US products. Myanmar geographical structure of imports from America for the period amounted to $ 20 million of which were imported from the United States $ 13 million. During 2014-15, Myanmar’s trade with the United States saw $ 50 million in the amount of exports and imports $ 500 million.

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