Wednesday , August 15 2018

Myanmar Exports increased by $ 307 million

The Ministry of Commerce said export earnings increased by US$ 307 million until December 23 of this year compared to the previous year. The ministry said output of two of the seven major categories of exports, mining and industrial exports fell by 817 million dollars.

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Myanmar Exports totaled US $ 7.98 billion, with more than US $ 1.9 billion of agriculture, US $ 5 million of livestock, US $ 378 million of fishing, US $ 718 million of mining, US $ 171 million forest products, US $ 3.54 billion in industrial products and US $ 1.2 billion in other sources.

According to the ministry, industrial finished products also received the highest revenue in 2015. Export is highly dependent on natural resources such as gas, teak, farm and marine products. Laos is the only neighboring country without border trade with Myanmar.

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