Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar exports tea leaves to Germany


According to the Pintaya tea entrepreneur group, 1.5 tons of tea leaves will be exported to Germany in 2016. Export agreement, it is reported that it will be signed with German entrepreneur tea during July.

Currently, we are negotiating with GIZ. This tea party is for export testing. When we created the contract, we agreed on the details as such volume of their purchase” secretary of the Pintaya tea entrepreneur group said. Reported that the tea leaves intended for exports to Germany are processed at a factory for organic cultivation and production of green tea in Pintaya Township.

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Germany made a suggestion to buy Myanmar’s tea leaves in February. We sell Tea Leaves a viss (1.6 kg) for Germany for £ 15,000″ Myanmar Tea Producers Association, said. As long as the local market rate of dry tea leaves is from K 3,000 – 6,000, the green tea factory will produces 250 viss of tea leaves every month.

Myanmar boasts about 800,000 acres of tea leaves plantation and over 100 tea processing factories. Provide technical assistance for improving the quality of production tea, as is well known in GIZ. It is now reported that GIZ technical support and tea processing 7 factories were built.

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