Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar Exports

In recent years, followed by Myanmar (Burma), especially with Western countries, does not enjoy a good relationship with the world trade.

The restrictions imposed by the European Union and Australia have banned imports of some products, and the United States, followed by Myanmar (Burma) has not been imported by some. Consequently, exports of Myanmar mainly Thailand and China have been banned. India, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Germany, and Pakistan is also a major export market.

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Myanmar was once the largest exporter of rice in Asia, and is still the world’s total production by about a third to reflect teak.

Myanmar’s main exports are mineral products. It is natural gas, oil, petroleum products, precious and semi-precious stones, tin, tungsten, zinc, coal, copper, lead, and includes items such as cement. Myanmar has the largest export product for economic growth has been largely responsible for natural gas, it is.

Other products exported from Myanmar vegetables and products of wood / forest remains teak, fish, rice, rubber, clothing / textiles, jade and precious stones. The official data for export may be understated gross: wood, jade and precious stones, rice and other products in Thailand and China find its way undeclared.

The Burmese economy and the political climate in the running for a clearer picture, business in Myanmar to be sure to check out our section.

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