Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar hair business is growing rapidly

Myanmar Hair export in China began more than a decade and the demand is increasing rapidly. Probably because of the growing popularity of hair extensions and wigs, exports have increased tenfold. Long hair is synonymous with beauty and now everyone wants long, thick lashes, especially a healthy and strong hair.

Myanmar hair is just that! It has been described as a mix between China and India naturally straight hair with a loop at the end. In addition, Myanmar hair is suitable for Africans because of its texture, as well as for those who want straight hair.

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It is increasingly common for Myanmar women who sell their hair. It is not out of the question for a woman to USD30  her hair, a considerable amount of money for a country where the average wage is less than US $ 20 a month.

The discount is then commonly purchased by the Chinese in Myanmar markets there are at least seven purchase hair tents on the market Insein in Yangon alone, where the locks are listed on sound research, cleaned, sterilized, and shipped suppliers. Then washed, packaged and repackaged for sale on commercial sites.

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