Wednesday , August 15 2018

Myanmar handicraft makers are required to increase the creative industry on intellectual property rights law

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Myanmar Handicraft entrepreneur urged the government to speed up the adoption of legislation in the field of intellectual property protection for artists, musicians, craftsmen’s innovation. Intellectual property rights, including in the business area of arts and crafts playing an important role in Myanmar, said Daw Ei Ei, Secretary of Myanmar arts and crafts association speak at a press conference in Yangon.

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Government officials have been satisfied to discuss the bill for these rights, and I hope that the law will be in the near future, she added that protection promotes the development of the creative industry.

Intellectual property rights law awaiting approval as it was developed in 2014, with lawmakers needing to make some changes to the bill before it can be accepted.

A different problem is that the creative industries face a shortage of raw materials and space for collective sales exposures. They are now looking for a subsidiary government to overcome these challenges, executives of association said. Most of Myanmar handicrafts foreign clients visit Myanmar, with handicrafts being sold at every tourist destination in the country.

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