Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar imports and exports below USD 865 million

Myanmar imports and exports trade has decreased 865 million dollars in the first ten months of 2015, according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Commerce. Total trade between January and October of this year amounted to about $ 13.8 million. Exports this year so far totaled $ 5.6 billion, dropped almost US $ 450 million six billion dollars from exports in the same period of last year. Imports are also slow, with only $ 8.2 million on October 10. In the last year, it was $ 8.6 billion. An official at the Ministry of Commerce and natural gas exports remained stable MiTV, but was not affected by the global decline in oil prices. Other exports from Myanmar have been affected would be agricultural products such as rice, and production suffered heavily as a result of seasonal floods. It expects Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce to provide a $ 29 million trade value this year. Thus a national strategy for export, in order to promote local products in the global scenario in motion.

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