Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar Jewels

Myanmar is know as abundant supply of various gems producting country. World famous jades are found in Lonekhin Phakant tracts, world famous rubies are found in Mogok and Moung Shu gem tracts respectively. Sapphire and various color gems are economically produced in Mogok Gems Tarct.

In southern part of Myanmar, there is Myeik Archipelago, formerly known as Mergui Archipelago in the Tanintharyi Division. It consists of 800 islands and the total area is 25,600 sq. kilometres. Almost all of the islands were virgin lands and they have been well known since ancient times, because of their inhabitants, Pinctada maxima oysters. The first divers for Pinctada maxima shells were Salone people wandering from place to place among the islands in small wooden boats in search of fishing grounds. Then British Government promulgated fishing regulations for collection of shells in 1890 and in 1912 there were 114 vessels diving for the shells, including 69 from foreign countries.

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( 1 ) Myanmar Jade

myanmar jade( 2 ) Myanmar Ruby

myanmar ruby( 3 ) Myanmar Pearl

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