Wednesday , September 26 2018

Lacquer ware in Myanmar

myanmar lacquer wareThe lacquer is a lightweight, easily molded water resistant painted objects such as boxes, bowls, umbrellas, musical instruments, statues and furniture, to give objects a surface with attractive designs and bright finish material. The varnish used in Myanmar is the lifeblood of a wild plant. The trunk of a mature lacquer tree can measure up to 6 feet in circumference. The sap, used by the cuts in the trunk of the tree, stored in airtight containers. Its natural color is black, but some kind of lacquer can be red. Best of lacquer in Myanmar comes from Shan State.Most lacquer based on long thin bamboo strips or fabrics wound in specific forms. Lacquer can also be painted on wood or metal objects. Plain lacquer mixed with finely ground clay, with ash from teak sawdust, rice hulls or for producing different spray layers. The paint is then painted on the object. After application of each layer, the lacquer is dried and polished. Each element can have several layers of lacquer. When the final coat has been applied, the drawings can be cut into the layers of paint to reveal the underlying color. The patterns of gold leaf can also be applied to the surface of the object. One piece of lacquer requires between six months and two years to produce, depending on its quality. Fine lacquered bowls are made of very thin strips of plaited bamboo, with horsehair. Even after applying layers of lacquer finish, the container remains flexible, so that their edges when pressed together, can bend without breaking.

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