Wednesday , August 15 2018

Myanmar Rice Exports Opportunities


In the next 10-15 years, there are great business potential for hosting the largest Myanmar rice exports. China has become a major net importer of rice in Myanmar. European Union has opened its Myanmar duty-free import markets. Powerful competition with other exporters in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and improving demand for great quality rice are putting pressure on Myanmar rice sector, which focused on low quality export markets.

In recent years, rice exports hit about 1.3 million tons will be less than the government’s goal of exporting 20,000 tons of rice this year and 4 million tons by 2020. The most serious difficulty is related to low productivity and low quality rice at the farm level. The average yield of 2.5 tons / hectare of paddy field is only half of the harvest obtained by other regional exports.

The grinding sector runs with processing units that causes around 15-20% losses in quality and quantity during the milling. The port of Yangon, the main export gateway will be invalid with the small old one, during the monsoon. The cost of the export operation is at the highest level in the region. Many barriers to agricultural trade have been eliminated, but the private sector is still wary of the uncertainty of government action.

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