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Monday , December 17 2018
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Myanmar rice exports to resume

Myanmar rice exports was suspended in August 7 to sufficient for local consumption due to heavy monsoon raining in some region and state in 2015 June and July, it may cause major flood and destroy many paddy farms.

Now in various region and states, paddy rice sectors under the conditions studied, there is enough to eat rice production balance situation in recent days a new grain production and agricultural producers to ensure farmers have benefited and the 2015, from September 15, rice exports will allow scrutiny of export licenses as follow…
( 1 )   The export license service will only allow in Naypyitaw.

( 2 )   An export license for the export of the border, maximum of only 500 tonnes exported in one cover and from the sea is permitted, according to the amount loaded on the ship that carried everything for allowing licenses export.

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( 3 )   The same type of export licenses after applying the additional exported under a declaration of export license and export customs department (ED), and must be submitted with the application.

( 4 )   The export license from the border post in 30 days, and maritime shipments are permitted only on 45-day extension to export certain period without further lack of export licenses will be allowed to check whether the measures implemented.

( 5 )   Shipments of the company’s license candidates rice and related rice products export will be the type of export shipments made amount of 2% and the equivalent of a guest without rice for the type of natural disaster in its program backup-rice It should be placed where the power company managing to be signed. Export application must be filed with radios.

( 6 )   To store their alignment program of disaster backup-rice emergency, the need to start with raindrops stock price occurred when the state program will be available as allowed disasters to be placed backup-rice licenses within a maximum of 6 months will be established.

( 7 )   Storage Disaster matter backup-rice group responsible for the formation of the Ministry of Economy and Trade will check the field on day one month will be about five days in advance.

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