Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar trade value exceeded 700 million USD in first week of FY 2017-2018


According to official data from Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce Myanmar on Tuesday, the total commercial price in the first week of the current fiscal year 2017-2018 as of April 7 amounted to 731.913 million dollars.

Myanmar trade value increased by 164.64 million or 29 percent compared to 567.273 billion dollars in the same period of fiscal year 2016-2017, which ended in March. During this period, the value of exports amounted to 288,387 million dollars, while the value of imports amounted to 443.526 million dollars.

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The total annual commercial value of 28.801 billion dollar in the last fiscal year 2016-2017. That did not meet the goal of the Ministry of 31 billion dollars. Each natural gas and agricultural products occupy 25 percent of the total value of exports and is the most exported commodity in the last fiscal year.

Although the country earned less than natural gas exports in the last fiscal year 2016-2017 than the previous year, the export value of agricultural products went from US $ 2.931 trillion dollars. In the past fiscal year, export apparel mainly include CMP (cutting, manufacturing and packaging) garments exports, mining products, fish products and forest products.

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