Wednesday , September 26 2018

Myanmar Wood Carving Crafts

myanmar wood carving craftsMyanmar ( Burma ) wood carvers are excellent sculptors, wood carving are generally complex and dimensions. Most visitors to Myanmar are struck by the diversity and beauty of the arts and crafts of this unique cultural wealth.

The main source of inspiration for many arts and crafts of Myanmar is connected to Buddhism. This philosophical point of view, with a rich tradition of tales and myths, with a highly developed aesthetic appreciation was the inspiration and basis for the creation of works of arts that are uniquely Burmese. The range of handicrafts made of teak and other wood is phenomenal.Today, the current state of arts and crafts in Burma has been reduced compared to the past. The economic isolation imposed on Burma for many years by the rule of the Commission also has serious implications for the artisans who wish to continue the production of traditional arts and crafts.

Nowadays, many arts and crafts are still made by traditional means because of the affordability to purchase tools and modern equipment. Burmese sculptures usually consist of organic forms of human figures, mythical beasts and flowers, decorative boxes and animals. Many wooden sculptures are created to decorate doors, facades, roofs, Buddha images, and for decoration in temples or palaces.

Yet Myanmar handicrafts remain a source of pride for all the people of Myanmar and the communities in Burmese craftsmen still enjoy a good measure of respect.


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