Wednesday , September 26 2018

Pottery in Myanmar

Imyanmar potteryn Myanmar, pottery produced for functional requirements such as clay pots for drinking water filters and goggles to navigate a boat in the water.

Although this ancient method of pottery handmade in Myanmar  is an art that blurs the new generations replace the old traditions with modern resources, pottery remains one of the most functional crafts Myanmar used in everyday life.

There are several areas of Myanmar that are specifically linked to pottery. These include the cities of New Nyein Shwe Khun, Shwe Tiek and Malar area Twante Shwebo and near Bago and Yangon.

Nwe Nyein village near Kyauk Myaung is a city on the banks of the river along the Ayeyarwady River. Clay near Kyauk Myaung produces high quality ceramic and is therefore considered one of the most famous places where ceramics are produced. You can visit this water boat Single pottery village of Kyauk Myaung traveling, the last major step before Mandalay in the Ayeyarwady River. You can also visit the craft village through a day cruise ships. Several companies make stops in Nwe Nyein Village including Myanmar River Cruises or Amara River Cruise with Myanmar Exotic Travel and Tours.

Twante town offers a glimpse of traditional pottery methods. Pottery border village, that people who work meticulously shape of traditional clay pots. To access the small town of Tawnte take a local passenger ferry across the river in Yangon Dalla. Once on the other side of the river, a local taxi an hour through the rice fields will Twante.

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