Wednesday , August 15 2018

Rattan Crafts in Myanmar


Rattan also called cane comes from Malay phrase Rotan. There are several relative species in Australia and Africa, there are said that this type of plant is rich in Asian tropical regions. This plant is located at an altitude geographically climbing up to 3000 meters above sea level. Based on expert research, there are about 600 unlike species and 13 corresponding generas.

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We refer to rattan furniture, other items made from this plant on the market, that grows in the wild, hilly tropical region, where average temperature is average of 25 degrees Celsius and relatively humid environment is measured with annual rainfall of less than 2000 mm. Because this type of plant is the best prosperous in the tropics, that is not surprising why the Southeast Asian nation like Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are the top manufacturers of rattan products and raw materials.

Rattan is flexibility, strength and durability produce perfect for all rattan crafts and other arts. The craftsmanship of many indigenous experts reveals the true beauty of this plant.

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