Wednesday , August 15 2018

Trade boss Requires Qualitative Exports

Tin Htut Oo, adviser for Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), said that Myanmar exported more than 1 million tons of agricultural products such as rice, beans and maize, but most of them were raw materials only. “Myanmar only exports rice, beans and maize as raw material. They are still far from being able to become a value-added product,” – he said. The product is often too low quality for export, he added, despite the removal of barriers to trade.

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“Our status as a less-developed country gives us the privilege, we can export anything but arms to the European market, we do not have quotas and tariffs, but what can we sell now, which crops are exported to Europe? Which pay special attention to the food industry with value-added “, – said tin Htut Oo.

The government is working with private companies to increase exports, and the Yangon region government said it plans to spend 8 billion kyats to transform its agricultural sector to the industrial zone.

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