Wednesday , August 15 2018

Traditional Bamboo Handicrafts Exhibiton

Traditional Bamboo Handicrafts Exhibiton, Myanmar Bamboo crafts, Myanmar Handicrafts

Bamboo is not just a product of traditional Myanmar and its western neighbor – India. To save an art form of escape, the Indian Embassy in Yangon last week held an exhibition of bamboo crafts in the National Museum.

The exhibition focuses mainly on handmade bamboo used by the people of Manipuri or meitei, as they are often called, in the state of Manipur. The northeastern Indian state borders the Sagan area of Myanmar and Nagaland.

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Among the products on display were mats, baskets, trays, chairs, vases, and much more. In India and Myanmar, bamboo is not only used for handicrafts, but also for housing, fencing and sometimes even clothing.

The organizer of the exhibition, Mr. Sri Mutua Bahadur explained that people use bamboo-base items in their daily lives in many different ways by building their home in the kitchen. Mr. Bahadur fan a bit of bamboo, author of several books on the art of bamboo, textiles and traditional fabrics.

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