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Personal Care Raw Material 68515-73-1 Alkyl Polyglycoside Capryl Glucoside APG 0810


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APG 0810,Capryl Glucoside is a very mild nonionic surfactant made from renewable vegetal raw materials, which is low toxic, no irritating and readily biodegradable. It's excellent performance including detergency, wetting, dispersing and compatibility, especially foaming property. It also exhibits excellent alkaline and electrolyte resistance and can solubilize other ingredients. It can be widely used in personal care and household cleaners: day cream, night cream, body cream & lotion, shampoo and hand cream, etc. Specification: INCI name Capryl Glucoside CAS-No. 68515-73-1 Solid Content 50.0-50.2 pH Value (10% aq.) 11.5-12.5 Free Fatty Alcohol <1.0 Sulfated Ash <3.0 Viscosity(20ºC) 200-600 Color <50 Appearance(25ºC) Pale yellow liquid Odour No odor       VCRP data obtained in 2011 for this ingredient group indicate that decyl glucoside has the highest frequency of uses reported, 492; the majority of these uses, 421, are in rinse-off formulations.5 Cetearyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, and cocoglucoside have 477, 399, and 350 reported uses, respectively. Cetearyl glucoside is reported mostly to be used in leave-on products. The remaining ingredients that are reported to be used have ≤75 uses. Based on data from a survey conducted by the Personal Care Products Council (Council), lauryl glucoside has the highest leave-on concentration of use at 8%; this leave-on use is in a hair color spray; it also is reported to have the highest leave-on concentration of use that involves dermal contact, and that concentration is 5%. Decyl glucoside has the highest rinse-off concentration of use, at 33%.6 Two ingredients, hexadecyl D-glucoside and octadecyl D-glucoside are not listed in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook, but are listed by the FDA VCRP as being used in cosmetic formulations; hexadecyl D-glucoside was also had use concentration data reported by industry.