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Precious Paw San Rice (Shwe Bo) in Myanmar


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Our Paw San Rice (Shwe Bo) has 100% Premium Quality, the Rice's Length will double when cooked and Pesticide free. So this rice is one of the eating quality rice and good for health. It is famous for its nutritional benefits and of course great taste. The brand name of our Shwe Bo Paw San Rice is Precious Branded and cultivates in near Shwe Bo Township in Sagaing Region, North-Western part of Myanmar. Shwe Bo Paw San, Super Premium is a fragrant rice of highest quality. This product is really unique fragrant rice which double and even triples its length after cooking. Myanmar rice is to provide the food and nutrition for the national people. This product is the best quality and the most export from Myanmar to foreign country. If you want to know more details, you can ask by chat box and mails.